You are or have been a Premium Student Member and you want to renew your membership for another year? You know, but let us remind you that Premium Membership costs just 10 euro a year and takes effect as soon as receipt of your payment is confirmed. Premium membership gives you, or renews, a FIDE Student Rating which puts you on the same ladder with the World Champion. PSM allows you to receive our magazines full of fun and instruction, as well as access to your site with a lot of materials to help you improve your chess.
To renew, you will need to provide your FIDE ID and complete the payment of 10 Euro. Please follow the instructions.

If you decide not to continue with us, or renew later, please remember that your FIDE ID remains in the system – it is yours for life, so if you ever renew your membership, or if you ever play in a FIDE-rated tournament, that is the ID to use.