Information - Application Process & Guide

Application Process

To become a Student Member, you (or a parent) must fill in the registration form.

At the end of the registration form, you have a choice:

- to click "submit" and become a basic member, or

- to continue on to the payment page to become a Premium Member.

What are the differences between Premium and Basic membership?

Premium Members receive:

a FIDE Student Rating - this puts you on the same ladder as World Champion Anand

unlimited access to the Premium web site (

Basic Members receive

a basic membership 'card' (pdf format) sent by email

a welcome letter from the President of FIDE (email)

Premium Membership costs just 10 euro a year and takes effect as soon as receipt of your payment is confirmed.


There is some material here at that you are most welcome to use, even if you choose not to join.

You will find them if you Click on the Free Downloads button.